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It has been awhile and I hope that the Intrepid Classroom is not dead beyond resuscitating. We have all been away for some time now, and perhaps some of the faithful have jumped ship. Perhaps you are new and this is your first time here, regardless all I can do is keep trudging on with the hopes that we can create something meaningful through this space. The world goes on and it is not necessarily getting better or changing itself. There is much work to be done in the name of peace, love, and understanding. So let us carry on!

If you were here last year, welcome back, if you are new- welcome. I think I may have found a new direction. I recently watched the video below, read the book, and wrote this review on my teaching blog.

While the entire concept may be a bit too conveniently packaged and a bit flawed, it can be a good text for several reasons:

  • It is available online in PDF format
  • It lays out a clear course of action
  • It identifies issues, which we can work on after reading
  • It sparks great discussions

I want to read this book with whoever is willing and see where it takes us. Whether you are a former Intrepid Classroom participant, a new student directed here by your teacher, or a teacher who stumbled here form Twitter, here is my plan:

Intrepid Classroom has always been about bringing young people and teachers together using web tools to facilitate discussion, interaction, collaboration, and connectivity. Beyond the confines of school, curriculums, and expected roles and interactions, I hope that Intrepid Classroom can be a place where we can simply be people dedicated to change not stigmatized by the labels of teacher/student.

One of the biggest criticisms of this site has always been the lack of structure or cohesion. Here is what I hope to do to solve that problem: I want to build a semester long curriculum around Generation We. I hope that we can gather a group of ten to fifteen teachers and students to have weekly readings, discussions, and eventually a final project that raises awareness of global issues and promote activism.

We can use any tool that will help us stay connected and collaborate. These will be modified and announced as necessary, but as always, we will use this blog and the Ning as starting points. I would like to have group meetings using Elluminate or similar tools. I want you to have a say in where we take this book and the idea it presents. I don’t have anything more concrete at this time, because I do not want to create an entire plan and have no one sign up.

Here is what you need to do if you are interested, and are able to commit the time regardless of “real” school commitments:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post stating your interest. I will email you with details as soon as we have a group together.
  • Join the Ning if you haven’t already done so.
  • Watch the video.
  • Share any ideas you have about the direction of this course.

I hope to start January 1st, so please commit by then. This course is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about collaborative activism, regardless of your age or affiliation with any school. Let’s get together, learn, converse, connect, and create real change.

I agree with Eric Greenberg when he says:

The problems of today will not go away if we just sweep them under the rug and ignore them. They will only get worse. We cannot rely on those bound by special interests or protecting their turf to enact great changes and create a new order of justice and fairness. We need the unjaded youth, with their energy, optimism, and sense of purpose, to lead the world out of the mess it is in and toward the full potential of mankind.

3 Responses to “Generation We Comes to Intrepid”

  1. spgreenlaw says:


    This is a great idea. Seeing as at the moment I am neither a teacher nor a student (Well, not officially. I find myself learning a lot these days, though.) I’m not sure what I could do to help, but this post has caught my interest. In a tweet about the Generation We program you told someone that students need to hear radical opinions, and I completely agree. Being a radical myself, I would love to see where this is heading and I want to participate whenever possible.

    I feel something powerful and wonderful brewing here. Let’s make it happen.

  2. Valerie says:

    I just found this blog yesterday through spgreenlaw’s blog, which I started reading a few days ago. I’m interested if there are enough people.

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